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James is a Boston-based freelance journalist and medical professional. Raised in Memphis, TN, James moved to Massachusetts in the 1980's.
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WBUR’s ‘Radio Boston’ Talk Host Climbs Steadily to NPR Prominence

Until ten years ago, Meghna Charkrabarti was preparing for a life as an environmental scientist, having earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in this field. But, in 2001, Chakrabarti abruptly abandoned the scientific career path, deciding instead to pursue a career in public radio. “When I was halfway through my master’s degree,” says … Continue reading

Massachusetts’s Promising Solar Future

“If we did nothing, there would be a death spiral, but nothing isn’t a solution, and utilities dying on the vine doesn’t get us to a place where we can solve climate change. And, really, that’s what this is all about.”

Senator Benjamin Downing Continue reading

Eight Myths and Misconceptions about Solar Power

Solar power is an environmentally friendly, financially rewarding, hassle free energy solution for most homeowners in the United States. Continue reading

The Worcester Transit Authority Goes Green With Clean, Quiet All-Electric Buses

The WRTA decision to acquire Proterra buses puts the authority at the forefront of the national trend towards green transportation technology. Continue reading

Massachusetts Driver Opinions Widely Divided Over New Windshield Wiper Law

A new law went into effect April 7, 2015 in Massachusetts, which requires drivers to turn on their headlights whenever their windshield wipers are turned on. Based on comments left at media outlets, drivers seem to have widely conflicting opinions about the law. Some see it as an infringement of their personal liberties and as … Continue reading

Attacking Iran: An Israeli Perspective

On a daily basis, the American news media report that Israel may be planning an imminent attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, in an attempt to destroy or at least slow down Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. Iran continues to deny that it has any plans to build nuclear bombs, and asserts that its nuclear research program is for … Continue reading

Changing attitudes about coconut oil

Depending upon who you listen to, coconut oil is either one of the most unhealthy foods that you can possibly consume, or it is a superfood, guaranteed to bestow almost miraculous health benefits. Health agencies and organizations such at the United States FDA and the American Heart Association recommend very limited consumption of coconut oil, … Continue reading

SoWa Open Market ends season with a total Halloween experience

Imagine Chef Mario Batali as a zombie, his abdomen split open, guts and spaghetti spilling out, stuffing his face with the contents of his own disembowelment.  This and many other gruesome sights treated those who attended the final SoWa Open Market of the fall season on Sunday, Oct. 30. SoWa is the trendy gallery neighborhood … Continue reading

Tiger Woods May Be A Fraud and A Jerk, But His Privacy Should Still Be Respected

“Everyone – no matter how famous they might be – deserves at least some domain away from the searing glare of the public eye…We shouldn’t sanctify morbid curiosity by deeming it legitimate for the public to know Woods’ secrets. Although many are curious about what he has done behind closed doors, society should respect his … Continue reading


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