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James is a Boston-based freelance journalist and medical professional. Raised in Memphis, TN, James moved to Massachusetts in the 1980's and never plans to leave.
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The Search for Extraterrestrial Life: An Update

  Of the over 150,000 stars monitored by the Kepler spacecraft for evidence of exoplanets, or planets outside of our solar system, the star KIC 8462852 may be the most mysterious. The task of Kepler, launched in 2009, is to watch for a slight dimming of the light from each star, caused by planets transiting … Continue reading

Cutting-Edge Robotics Research at the Wyss Institute

  Flying robots. Crawling robots. Swarming robots. Soft robots. Wearable robots. All of these robotic types are in development at the Harvard-based Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. The Wyss (pronounced “veese”) Institute was established in 2009 from a $125 million gift from Swiss entrepreneur Hansjorg Wyss, who earned a Harvard M.B.A. in 1965. At … Continue reading

Ray Kurzweil Documentary – James Bedsole – Extended Version (19.3 min. – best viewed in high definition/full screen)

This is the longer version of the documentary I recently completed about author & visionary Ray Kurzweil. After the end credits, there are another eight or so minutes of Ray answering additional interview questions. You can go directly to these additional questions at the following video time locations: 1) 11:42 Ray discusses the expansion of … Continue reading

Lead Surgeon Who Saved Boston Marathon Bombing Officer Reflects on Long Career

On April 19, 2013, Frank Vittimberga, Chief of Vascular Surgery at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was suddenly drawn into the Boston Marathon bombing drama that gripped the area. MBTA Officer Richard Donohue was admitted to Mount Auburn, after being mortally shot in a gun battle with the marathon bombers in Watertown. Donohue had lost … Continue reading

A Return to Primitive Solitude

I will return to simple, primitive camping in the wild, now comfortable with the wondrous mystery that infuses every moment and everything. Continue reading

Techno-Optimism: Everything Will Get Better

Imagine that, within the next couple of decades, worldwide living standards will have risen enough to end to dire poverty and material scarcity. Humanity will enter an era of bountiful food, endless clean water, inexhaustible cheap energy, greatly extended human longevity, exponentially improved communications and education. Such is the optimistic view presented in the just-published … Continue reading

Local Family Struggles with Autism Diagnosis

I am a close acquaintance of a local couple, Tom & Alicia Stanley (names changed for privacy reasons), who have a three-and-a-half year old autistic son. Around Noah’s second birthday, Tom & Alicia noticed disturbing changes to his behavior: he became socially withdrawn, rarely making eye contact; he displayed repetitive behaviors, such as walking in circles; … Continue reading

WBUR’s ‘Radio Boston’ Talk Host Climbs Steadily to NPR Prominence

Until ten years ago, Meghna Charkrabarti was preparing for a life as an environmental scientist, having earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in this field. But, in 2001, Chakrabarti abruptly abandoned the scientific career path, deciding instead to pursue a career in public radio. “When I was halfway through my master’s degree,” says … Continue reading

Massachusetts’s Promising Solar Future

“If we did nothing, there would be a death spiral, but nothing isn’t a solution, and utilities dying on the vine doesn’t get us to a place where we can solve climate change. And, really, that’s what this is all about.”

Senator Benjamin Downing Continue reading

Eight Myths and Misconceptions about Solar Power

Solar power is an environmentally friendly, financially rewarding, hassle free energy solution for most homeowners in the United States. Continue reading


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