Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil Documentary – James Bedsole – Extended Version (19.3 min. – best viewed in high definition/full screen)

This is the longer version (about 19 minutes) of the documentary I completed about author & visionary Ray Kurzweil. After the end credits, there are another eight or so minutes of Ray answering additional interview questions.

You can go directly to these additional questions at the following video time locations:

1) 11:42 Ray discusses the expansion of our neocortex into the cloud.

2) 13:33 What are the limits to the exponential acceleration of information technology?

3) 14:27 Ray comments on the downsides to advanced A.I. technology.

4) 15:08 One of his health books, ‘Fantastic Voyage’, is subtitled ‘Live Long Enough To Live Forever.’ Ray elaborates on living forever.

5) 16:03 Ray describes an important biotechnology tipping point which will occur in 10-15 years.

6) 16:44 Ray was appointed Google’s Director of Engineering in 2012. He explains what projects he & his team @Google are working on.

7) 18:21 I ask Ray, of his many inventions & achievements, what is he the most proud of?

Ray was very generous in making himself available to be interviewed. His answers to my questions were very focused and full of excellent content.

You can view the shorter version (10 minutes 34 seconds) of the documentary here: http://youtu.be/T9ZV85TCJLU  This short version does not have the additional eight minutes of Ray answering more interview questions at the end.

I hope this video profile of Ray will intrigue you to learn more about his ideas. Ray’s primary website is KurzweilAI.net, with breaking technology news across many scientific fields, as well as hundreds of mind-stretching articles, mostly about exponential technologies.

The 2009 independent film about Ray, Transcendent Man, is available to download here: http://transcendentman.com  Ray’s 2010 film, The Singularity Is Near, can be downloaded here: http://singularity.com/themovie/#.UrnZWFtDt8F There is a modest fee to download each film.

Please share any comments you might have about this film and about Ray Kurzweil.

Also, please visit my YouTube channel to view more science & technology videos.

About James Bedsole

James is a Boston-based freelance journalist and medical professional. Raised in Memphis, TN, James moved to Massachusetts in the 1980's.


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